Dip molding

Dip Molding Proces

The dip molding proces can be simplified by comparing it to candle making. A heated mold is immersed (dipped) in liquid plastisol (PVC). The heat attracts the cool plastisol and the part is formed round the mold. After that, the molds are extracted from the plastisol and heat cured. When the parts are cured, they are being cured and stripped from the mold.

Are you in need of protective sleeves, vinyl caps or plastic bellows? Try dip molding, the economic way to protect, cover and enhance your product. Dip molding has an endless amount of possibilities and advantages. A great and cheap solution.

Protective caps, sleeves or bellows

Why choose for dip molding? The components created by the dip molding method are stress free, seamless and durable. These features make dip molding ideal for various applications. How about sleeves to protect metal handles? Make your products more attractive, dirt repellant and give it extra protection against transport or impact damages.

Custom made components

LoVen provides a large variety of standard molds. Custom made molds are also an inexpensive option. Every component can be made exactly to fulfil your requirements: in every design, in every color, with every finish

Order a free sample

Whether you need a vinyl cap, protective sleeve or a bellow: it can be made with dip molding. Curious about what LoVen can do for you? Order a free sample, and discover the benefits of dip molding!

The advantages of dip molded components:

dc85xkGBi Always a perfect fit
dc85xkGBi A flexible material
dc85xkGBi Tear resistant
dc85xkGBi Custom made components
dc85xkGBi Double dipping and coatings
dc85xkGBi Economic and durable


dip molding

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